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Benefits to Shopping with Cryptocurrency

There are many benefits to shopping online with your coins. One of the biggest reasons people like these coins is that they have decentralized status. This means they are not controlled or regulated by a central authority. This sets it apart from fiat currencies.

It’s especially useful when shopping online. You don’t have to worry about currency conversions and exchange rates.

Digital currency allows the user more personal autonomy over their own money and how they spend it. You can control how you shop without any interference from banks or currency-issuing governments.

Another benefit is discretion. Traditional banks, debit cards, and credit cards log all of your purchases made online, for the life of the card or account. Using digital currency allows you to shop freely without the paper trail attached. It also gives you added security because you can pay without your identity being revealed.

Another benefit is the low transaction fees, including for international payments. You save as the shopper and we save on our end as well, by cutting out credit card processing fees and other online fees. This means we can offer free shipping from Amazon and eBay and discounts for our Token Holder members, just as an example.

It’s also easier to make mobile payments when you’re using cryptocurrencies. Pay for anything, from anywhere, as long as you have coins in your account (or have purchased Token membership).