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This title will be released on February 14, 2023

About Burn The Boats

Executive fellow at Harvard Business School, Guest Shark on Shark Tank, and famed angel investor Matt Higgins reveals the counterintuitive formula for a life of perpetual growth that has been practiced for thousands of years by military leaders and serial entrepreneurs alike—forget the Plan B and burn the boats. 

From Sun Tzu to Julius Caesar, the ancient Israelites to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, there’s a bold and highly effective tactic seen throughout history—when leaders want to motivate their troops for success, they destroy all opportunities for retreat, and go all-in on the mission. They burn their boats; it’s win or perish, and the clarity of sheer desperation propels them to victory.

Serial entrepreneur, brilliant investor, and television personality Matt Higgins makes the case that burning the boats isn’t just advantageous in times of war or crisis, but a strategy we can all use to achieve our greatest dreams. Conquerors don’t have a Plan B, knowing intuitively what science bears out: the mere contemplation of a Plan B weakens our resolve and diminishes our chances for breakout success.

In Burn the Boats, Higgins draws from experiences in his own rags-to-riches life to show you how it’s done. The lessons he’s learned along the way, and witnessed in the leaders around him, are now for the first time distilled down to a template for success that’s available to everyone bold enough to use it. Each chapter includes clear, actionable advice that readers can immediately start applying to their own lives, along with inspiration drawn from dozens of real-life success stories, adding up to a blueprint for a future filled with victories.


Matt Higgins

Matt Higgins was a Guest Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, is an Executive Fellow and teacher at Harvard Business School, and, through RSE Ventures, the private investment firm he co-founded, an investor in some of America’s most beloved brands.

A high school dropout at age 16 before going on to graduate from Fordham Law School, Higgins became the youngest press secretary in New York City history during the September 11th attacks. He then helped lead the effort to rebuild the World Trade Center site as Chief Operating Officer before becoming Executive Vice President of the New York Jets and then Vice Chairman of the Miami Dolphins. Higgins is currently Executive Producer of Business Hunters, a new show that helps everyday Americans realize their dream of owning their own business. The show was created by Shark Tank and Apprentice creator Mark Burnett, Chairman of MGM Worldwide.

Passionate about human rights, Higgins works with the Global Solidary Fund to advance Pope Francis’ mission to support refugees and migrants around the world. He is also a long-standing board member of Autism Speaks.


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
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I hate Plan B. I always tell people that to achieve big dreams, you have to ignore the naysayers, but the naysayers are external. Once you have a Plan B, you've become your own naysayer. Big dreams require relentless focus, and any time we spend planning for failure sets us up for failure. When Matt told me I inspired him, I was really touched. But the best part is, inspiration is contagious, and now Matt can inspire you with this book. Enjoy it, when you finish reading, I can't wait to hear about who you inspire.
Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban
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Some people are afraid to take that first step and start a business. Matt gives you a path to challenge yourself and accomplish what you may have been too afraid to start
Adam Grant
Adam Grant#1 New York Times bestselling author of THINK AGAIN and host of the TED podcast WorkLife
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Matt Higgins knows from experience that when you have little to lose, there's a lot to be gained by making bold bets. In this engaging, actionable book, he shows how it's possible to take the reins and reinvent your career
Cathie Wood
Cathie WoodFounder, CEO and CIO of Ark invest
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While most people found it difficult to believe, as a founder I saw no way that ARK would fail. Matt Higgins understood. Now, in his book BURN THE BOATS, Matt shares the story not only of his own intrepid and incredibly successful entrepreneurial adventures but also those of many other dogged entrepreneurs who saw no option other than success. His book is replete with lessons learned along with encouragement and guidance for those ready to take their own leaps of faith!
David Solomon
David SolomonCEO, Goldman Sachs
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Instead of wondering what's next, I've found it's better, wherever you are in your career, to focus on what you can learn. Anybody who thinks through the questions Matt raises in BURN THE BOATS will form a clearer idea of where it is they want to go, and after reading his inspiring stories, they'll be ready to blaze their own trail
Harley Finkelstein
Harley FinkelsteinPresident of Shoppify
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If you're looking for the push to take the leap, BURN THE BOATS is it. Matt is among the most remarkable entrepreneurs and businessmen I've ever met. The circumstance of Matt's journey forced him to take enormous risks and build without hesitation, which resulted in compounding success in his career from high school dropout to Harvard lecturer. At Shopify, we are building the tools for people to reach for independence and become entrepreneurs; BURN THE BOATS gives you the push to take the leap and start.
Susanne Norwitz
Susanne NorwitzFounder and CEO of Maya Chia
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A skeptic by nature, I didn't think my world would turn on its axis after reading BURN THE BOATS, but, in fact, it shifted. This book helped me to think differently about persistent issues that resurface perpetually in business and in life. Issues that have power because I have difficulty articulating them - let alone addressing and overcoming them. Matt distills it all down in a very clear way - yet always in a way that respects the reader's intelligence. That is a rare gift.
David Warren
David WarrenAward-winning screenwriter, Co-Founder and President, FLY Communications
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It's a masterpiece. I can't find any other words to describe it. The mix/balance of your incredible personal story, and other people's stories is just right. The sections and chapters are organized coherently, brilliantly, seamlessly. And the metaphor holds from beginning to end. The writing style is perfect, doesn't call attention to itself. It allows the stories to unfold naturally, without interruption. Not sure any book has so well mixed the business with the personal - and really blurred the lines to the point where business becomes personality and personality becomes business; the human drama as expressed through profit and loss, and the future anticipation of return.
Tim Brown
Tim BrownCo-Founder, Allbirds
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I didn't know the first thing about building a company or a shoe when I started on the journey to found Allbirds - I was simply a curious professional soccer player with an idea for a pair of wool shoes that I had the hunch the world might have overlooked. And yet, what I intuitively understood is that to make the company a success, like my improbable sporting journey to a football World Cup, that I needed to trust my instincts and jump all in. BURN THE BOATS brings to life the feelings and spirit of that journey completely and is the book that I think anyone trying to build a bridge from inspiration to execution should read. Matt shares a story that will leave you thinking less about the risk of doing something and more about the risk of how you might feel if you do not.

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