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Simpler then ordering from amazon

Was shocked of how easy it was. Actually simpler then ordering from amazon directly, since you get zero nagging on getting prime and order "things that other users bought".
Dennis Nordström
Oct 26, 2021 via TrustPilot
Keep up the good work!

I purchased my second Item from them, it was a Ledger Nano S. It arrived in 4 days and I couldn't have bought it cheaper anywhere. I love these guys! Keep up the good work!
Arnie theSupport
Sep 27, 2021 via TrustPilot
Customer service officers 24/7

Brilliant shopping experience, i did shopping twice on and both at odd timing so i can confirm their customer service officers are almost 24/7. Hassle free shopping with crypto payment methods like coinpayment utrust and more importantly, extra discounts with their native tokens like SPI and GSPI ..Keep up the great works guys!!
InvestDefi.Crypto TIXL
Jun 24, 2021 via TrustPilot
Cannot get better deals than this on Amazon and Ebay

What a great platform for buying with cryptocurrency with a discoung for SPI token holders. Cannot get better deals than this on Amazon and Ebay. Soon platform 2.0 will be released which is even better and easier to use. This company will be huge in a few years.
May 29, 2021 via TrustPilot

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