Top 9 Hottest Metaverse Projects You Need To Know About

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With the existence of the internet, one cannot deny the engaging worlds that lie within a certain game. Virtual reality games are available anywhere which creates metaverses that shift the attention of those who play them. Thus, interesting digital projects and games are available making metaverses expand at a different level.

There are various metaverses and each one has its own story to tell. Different realities make any relationship possible from friends to whatever it leads to. Virtual worlds pop up anywhere in the world making it more engaging and fun. Of course, these games have a blockchain that makes them different from other metaverses.

Here are the hottest metaverse projects that you need to know about:

Enjin/ MetaCity

MetaCity, is a multi-gaming platform that uses and generates NFT (Non-Fungible Token). It is a platform powered by Enjin, a company that offers NFT mining services. The platform lets the users play and earn their own tokens. The tokens are then called an ‘Enjin Coin’ which can only be used on the platform.

As mentioned above, Enjin Coins are cryptocurrencies that are usable only on the platform. These coins have large values in the gaming community making their way as one of the top metaverse projects. Basically, other tokens or coins exist in the MetaCity but the Enjin coin acts as the parent currency in the metaverse.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Game uses AXS as its governance token. These coins or tokens will be the governing currency in the metaverse usable to shape and vote within the platform. AXS holders can use their tokens to earn more AXS and even vote for any changes in the governance.

Another Axie Infinity token is called SLP or Smooth Love Potion. SLPs are used for breeding and can be obtained by winning through various metaverse games available on the platform. However, one cannot use the SLP for voting.


Sandbox is a metaverse project that is like a community-owned virtual world. Any user can customize their world as how they wanted it to be. Sandbox users owned the virtual world using NFTs as their generating coin or currency in the platform. In this regard, players and creators can earn and customize their assets by trading and earning enough tokens.


To those who have read or watched Ready Player One, this metaverse project can seem like how the characters move or act in the virtual world. Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality world that operates under the Ethereum blockchain. In this platform, you can purchase land, build something, and monetize it to be immersed in another user’s virtual world.

Basically, land and in-game currency are handled by the Ethereum blockchain. Meaning, you as the user have complete authority over the currency in your own virtual world. Decentralland uses MANA as its native currency. MANAs are used to buy land, goods, and services within the metaverse. Also, these coins or tokens are available in centralized, decentralized exchanges, and swap services.


Blocktopia is a 21-lever skyscraper that pays tribute to 21 million Bitcoin. Token holders are dimmed as Blocktopians. It acts as the main hub that welcomes all levels of crypto experience in the metaverse. In this platform, the user has the access to crypto information all in one single virtual world.

Blocktopians will be able to purchase land, play games, create networks, and many which can help them in earning revenues. Blocktopia uses the world’s most advanced real-time 3D Creation Engine. For this reason, Blocktopians will be able to experience wonderful visualizations through the platform.

UFO Gaming

UFO gaming is like a decentralized inter-galactic social gaming where the user must play first to earn the currency. $UFO token is the currency that can help the user to move within the platform. Thus, this currency is categorized into three:

$UFO, Plasma Points, and UAP

  • $UFO is a community-owned currency on the platform.
  • Earn plasma points by using a $UFO into the Cosmos and redeem Origin UFOlep. Origin UFOep is needed to play a certain game in this world called ‘Super Galactic’.
  • UAP is the one that can be used to purchase, trade, and immerse NFTs into your account. It can also be earned by playing in ‘Super Galactic’.


Launch or use your UFO tokens or own lands on dedicated planets to have access to the most-awaited gaming projects in the metaverse.


It is ideal to know that a ‘metaverse’ means that there are various chains available on the platform. UFO launches games on some refutable chains in this virtual world. This way, a player can earn as many tokens to handle his own virtual world.

Radio CaCa

Radio CaCa uses the $RACA token as its parent or governing token. In this metaverse, the users can zoom in and zoom out within the platform. The USM Metaverse beta makes it possible for the users to have access to various metaverses available. Moreover, there are massive collectibles or NFTs on the platform that makes it more appealing to the users.

Radio CaCa is one of the Universal Metaverse that continues to strive in the virtual world. It has a high number of users which proves it can function well under extreme conditions in the metaverse. Also, it is a play-to-earn platform that enhances the skills of the users to move or access between multiverses.


Metahero offers the metaverse 3D scanning and modeling technology that can generate realistic 3D avatars and virtual items for various social networking sites and the likes. This platform allows the creation of the NFTs out of real-world arts and currencies. Furthermore, all metaverse arts and 3D avatars are created by partnered companies like Wolf Studios.

Yield Guild Game

Yield Guild Game or YGG is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in NFTs to be used in the virtual world as the parent currency. Thus, these NFTs are then staked–out to earn revenues in the blockchain community. YGG’s mission is to create a virtual community that optimizes its assets to be shared by anyone who owns the token.

DAO’s main revenue comes from crediting YGG-owned NFT directly or indirectly. The members and users use the token or the NFT for an exchange of a portion for any in-game rewards within the metaverse. The company behind the YGG is a Manila-based game studio founded by Gabby Dizon. He was one of the people behind Axie Infinity and Yearn Finance Communities.

The Bottomline

Metaverses exist to divert anyone’s attention and start earning via virtual worlds and realities. Of course, knowing your wants and the ability of the metaverse project you chose can change the stories. Create your own world by partnering with one of the top metaverse projects available.

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