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Welcome to Shopping.io
A new way to buy with crypto.

Shopping online with crypto -- simplified.

Order from major hubs of commerce such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay using your favorite cryptocurrency. No additional accounts necessary

Become a token holder and save up 10% off when you shop online!

Enjoy token holder benefits such as free shipping, VIP access, token airdrops, and more!

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Choose Your Pricing Plan And Enjoy Benefits

Receive up to 10% off all your online purchases with crypto.
To qualify for plan rewards you must hold the minimum SPI amount required.


No minimum SPI
  • Free shipping to USA
  • Limit of 20 orders per last 30days
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1000 minimum SPI
  • 5% discount on Amazon, eBay & Walmart items
  • Free Shipping to USA
  • International shipping is available
  • Access to VIP Telegram group
  • Limit of 50 orders per last 30days
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2000 minimum SPI
  • 10% discount on Amazon, eBay & Walmart items
  • Free Shipping to USA
  • International shipping is available
  • Access to VIP Telegram group
  • Limit of 100 orders per last 30days
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* Disclaimer: See our Terms of Service for full plan details.

Become a token holder and enjoy exclusive rewards!

Purchase Online

With Shopping.io you can purchase from major e-Commerce hubs online using your favorite cryptocurrencies.

Look beyond Fiat and BTC

Shopping.io allows access to over 100 different cryptocurrencies to give you more options than ever before to make your purchases online.

Find the best price

Using our platform you can easily toggle different listings from major E-commerce hubs to ensure that you are getting the cheapest price for your purchases online!

No accounts necessary

With purchasing on our platform you do not need to sign up for any third-party accounts. Only a shopping.io account is required to make purchases online.

Free Shipping

All items have fast & free shipping on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Buy from Shopping.io, and get your item shipped free with no extra hassle in a one-step shopping experience.

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Shopping.io Token Holders

Why become a Token Holder?

  • Up to 10% discount for all items from Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.
  • International Shipping.
  • Learn how to make money with eBay dropshipping.
  • VIP Telegram group with daily airdrops only for token holders.
  • Monthly Giveaway in the form of iPad or Laptop or PS5 etc.
  • Up to 90% off selected items with our Discount Club.
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How Shopping.io Works

Purchasing is easy on Shopping.io!

  • Sign Up
  • Search the product you wish to buy
  • Add the product to your shopping cart
  • Checkout with your favorite coin
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Community Manager


Community Manager


How do I shop on your site?
Shopping from Shopping.io is as easy as one, two, three!
  1. Search for the items you want to purchase and which platform you want to buy on.
  2. Create a Shopping.io account and continue to checkout.
  3. Check out with your favorite cryptocurrency and send payment to the address provided!
What sites can I shop on through Shopping.io?
Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are currently supported.
Future integrations for AliExpress are coming soon
What do I do if my order does not arrive?
Contact our customer support via Chat or Email.
How do I become a token holder?
Purchase $SPI on Uniswap or other supported exchanges.
Is my personal information kept safe when I shop with you?
Yes. We strive to keep your personal information safe when you shop with us.
Who is purchasing my Amazon orders?
We use third-party services in order to fulfill your order.
What is a Return/Refund Policy?
You can return the item purchased at Shopping.io for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.
My purchase will have a tracking number?
Yes, even for Amazon Logistics shipments. We currently use Bluecare tracking.
How long until I receive my item?
Deliveries depend on the platform being used for purchasing. Amazon purchases typically arrive within a few days in the US and are shipped using Amazon Prime. International shipments may take longer.

Ebay shipments and Walmart shipments may take longer due to the nature of the platform and are not expedited with services such as Amazon Prime.

Please contact [email protected] if you have not received your item or need to know where your item is at in the shipping process.

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