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  • Buy online using cryptocurrency with our main website --
  • SPI is our native token to unlock plan discounts and benefits on
  • Amazon (US), Walmart (US), eBay (US) currently supported.
  • No SPI required to make purchases on our platform.
  • International shipping only available for advanced plan members at this time.
  • Our company mission and vision is to establish the mainstream adoption of crypto e-commerce while engaging retail on a mass scale.

SPI Token

  • 1,000,000 tokens in total upon launch.
  • No presale, ICO, or team allocation.
  • SPI is a utility token to be used on the platform. See pricing
  • The SPI ERC20 token has been audited by Chainsulting and IOSIRO. (Chainsulting Audit) (IOSIRO Audit)
  • SPI is used in to earn GSPI our governance token.

GSPI Token

  • GSPI is the future governance token of
  • Holding GSPI will allow you to vote on proposals created by the community.
  • Holding GSPI will also allow you to propose ideas, plans, or solutions that will be voted upon by the community to help guide the future of
  • GSPI will be the first ever governance token on the BSC Binance Smart Chain
  • GSPI will have a host of benefits which will be announced soon.
  • GSPI and SPI benefits will be symbiotic in nature and will not interfere with either of their unique utility benefits.

  • Staking penalties do apply when using Please review them carefully at
  • Stake your SPI on for GSPI -- our governance token.
  • is intended for long term staking only for those who are interested in our governance token -- GSPI.
  • This staking system is a gamified staking system that gives you earnings based on movement inside and outside of the staking contract.
  • Chainsulting is re-imagining the dApp.
  • Chainsulting has audited the staking contract. View this audit here
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  • is a staking system with no penalties aside from gas fees which are used to interact with the platform. If you are new to gas fees, please consult this guide
  • is intended for both long term and short term staking for those who are interested in earning more SPI or GSPI rewards.
  • Rewards are accrued dynamically in real time upon staking.
  • Staking rewards are sourced every week from the team. The team decides what rewards to put in the pools each week for stakers to farm out of.
  • has a giveaway raffle system which will be activated in the near future allowing users more ways to engage and receive rewards from
  • GSPI pool rewards and a separate VIP rewards pool will be introduced in the near future.
  • Find out more information about by clicking here
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SPI x GSPI comparison

Coming soon as GSPI benefits are announced.

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