• 20% $SHOP Back Now with the New Exciting Coin on the block — DINO LFG Available on !
    20% $SHOP Back Now with the New Exciting Coin on the block — DINO LFG Available on !Another exciting event here at, we are pleased to announce another collaboration with DINO LFG.For those of you that are not familiar with, we... Read more
  • Pre-order Matt Higgins’s “BURN THE BOATS” using crypto on is happy to announce its collaboration with Matt Higgins in the sale of his upcoming book “Burn the Boats”. Read on to find out how to get your own copy!Step 1: Once on the ‘BURN THE BOATS’ pre-order page, click... Read more
  • burns 151,200 $SHOP in its first burn cycle
    This burn event, occurring on November 11th 2022 01:08:59 PM +UTC, marks the beginning of’s monthly burn initiative where the project burns a percentage of its platform earnings in order to fuel its tokens deflationary properties.What does the burn... Read more
  • Earn up to 50% $SHOP Back this Crypto Tuesday with
    On November 29th, will initiate its second ‘Crypto Tuesday’ event.Right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes Crypto Tuesday! A day where all shoppers can enjoy up to 50% $SHOP BACK on every purchase they make! Crypto Tuesday began as... Read more
  • introduces NFT locking to its token locking platform
    Following months of development and testing, is giving its NFT holders the option to lock their NFT’s in exchange for token rewards!’s NFT locking feature is launching within’s V2 platform giving Shopverse NFT holders the ability to lock their... Read more
  • initiates $ETH to $SHOP locking mechanism with +10% $SHOP Back has released a new feature to its membership platform, allowing users to become members of the platform with the use of $ETH directly.Paired with the launch of the $SHOP token, released its revamped membership platform that facilitates... Read more
  • 10/10 Sale is teaming up with to launch the first double-digit sale!Shoppers can enjoy an additional 2% discount and FREE international shipping with the use of the code: CRYPTO1010. What’s more, users will also receive Pay Rewards of up to... Read more
  • Polygon works with to integrate $MATIC as a form of payment is integrating $MATIC as a form of payment on its platform as well as offering a 2% discount for the first thirty days and free shipping for the first seven with every use of the token.From October 4th, $MATIC will... Read more
  • has successfully launched the $SHOP token! officially launched its new $SHOP token on September 9th, merging the communities and utilities of $SPI and $GSPI into one, undivided ecosystem.What is $SHOP?$SHOP functions as’s native token, is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and serves as a utility... Read more
  • Launches its New Membership Program With a Month full of Giveaways is moments away from launching its long awaited $SHOP token and membership platform; It is doing so alongside a month long membership giveaway event with the top prize being the Golden Ape from the Villager of XOLO NFT Membership... Read more
  • $SHOP Launches With a Full Day of Events! is hosting an AMA marathon on September 9th to celebrate the launch of the $SHOP Token. Join the team on Twitter spaces and Telegram live to hear all about the token launch and to listen to some amazing guest... Read more
  • 20% SHOP Back on all Orders to Celebrate $SHOP Launch months of development and testing, is excited to finally release its new native token — $SHOP!The $SHOP token will launch on September 9th alongside a special launch event with BIG $SHOP BACK rewards for 48 hours Read below to check... Read more
  • Save with Volt on
    Starting on August 24th, Holders of the VDSC NFT will receive a 2% on all orders and additional 2% discount for checking out with $ Volt for the next 30 is the bridge between crypto and E-commerce as the first... Read more
  • welcomes its newest integration — EQIFi welcomes its newest integration — is thrilled to announce its collaboration with EQIFi to integrate $EQX as a form of payment on the platform. From August 15th shoppers will receive a 2% discount for 30 days on all orders paid... Read more
  • $SHOP launch date Twitter spaces
    Speakers:Arbel Arif, Founder and CEOGrimaldy Gunawan, Head of ProductAiden Skehan, MarketingThe goal of this Twitter spaces was to highlight the details of’s new site feature (an SPI/SHOP acquisition portal), as well as to announce the long awaited launch of the $SHOP token.New... Read more
  • Pre-$SHOP Launch Event
    We are officially counting down the launch of the $SHOP token with a new feature! Now for a limited time you can earn pre-$SHOP launch rewards by purchasing $SPI directly from ImportanceAs we enter into a new era... Read more
  • Summer Treasure Hunt Event
    We’re hosting our second puzzle treasure hunt event! Last time it was crosswords this time its word scrambles!We’ve filled 5 digital wallets with prizes and created 5 different word scramble puzzles for you to have fun with!Be the first to solve... Read more
  • Coinbase Commerce 400k milestone on has accumulated $400,000 in ecommerce transactions on the platform’s most used payment processor, Coinbase Commerce.Coinbase Commerce is Coinbase’s own payment processing service giving merchants the option to accept crypto as a form of payment. Coinbase Commerce can be directly... Read more
  • How to get a 4% discount with BTFA
    Starting on July 24th, Holders of BTFA NFT will receive a 2% on all orders and additional 2% discount for checking out with $BTFA for the next 30 is the bridge between crypto and E-commerce as the first international crypto... Read more
  • interview’s Founder & CEO, Arbel Arif
    Extract from is’s featured bridges the gap between eCommerce and crypto, letting you buy anything on eCommerce giants Amazon, Walmart, and Ebay with crypto. Here is what their CEO has to say about the future of retail.Q:... Read more

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