• welcomes its newest integration — EQIFi welcomes its newest integration — is thrilled to announce its collaboration with EQIFi to integrate $EQX as a form of payment on the platform. From August 15th shoppers will receive a 2% discount for 30 days on all orders paid... Read more
  • $SHOP launch date Twitter spaces
    Speakers:Arbel Arif, Founder and CEOGrimaldy Gunawan, Head of ProductAiden Skehan, MarketingThe goal of this Twitter spaces was to highlight the details of’s new site feature (an SPI/SHOP acquisition portal), as well as to announce the long awaited launch of the $SHOP token.New... Read more
  • Pre-$SHOP Launch Event
    We are officially counting down the launch of the $SHOP token with a new feature! Now for a limited time you can earn pre-$SHOP launch rewards by purchasing $SPI directly from ImportanceAs we enter into a new era... Read more
  • Summer Treasure Hunt Event
    We’re hosting our second puzzle treasure hunt event! Last time it was crosswords this time its word scrambles!We’ve filled 5 digital wallets with prizes and created 5 different word scramble puzzles for you to have fun with!Be the first to solve... Read more
  • Coinbase Commerce 400k milestone on has accumulated $400,000 in ecommerce transactions on the platform’s most used payment processor, Coinbase Commerce.Coinbase Commerce is Coinbase’s own payment processing service giving merchants the option to accept crypto as a form of payment. Coinbase Commerce can be directly... Read more
  • How to get a 4% discount with BTFA
    Starting on July 24th, Holders of BTFA NFT will receive a 2% on all orders and additional 2% discount for checking out with $BTFA for the next 30 is the bridge between crypto and E-commerce as the first international crypto... Read more
  • interview’s Founder & CEO, Arbel Arif
    Extract from is’s featured bridges the gap between eCommerce and crypto, letting you buy anything on eCommerce giants Amazon, Walmart, and Ebay with crypto. Here is what their CEO has to say about the future of retail.Q:... Read more
  • The Google of Blockchain meets the Amazon of Crypto
    The Google of Blockchains meets the Amazon of has integrated $GRT onto its platform.Since the project’s inception in 2018, The Graph has been paramount to making the world’s open blockchain data easily accessible by anyone. . The Graph is a decentralized... Read more
  • Paying with $AVAX on is celebrating its first full year working alongside Avalanche with an additional 2% discount on all orders for seven days.Avalanche is currently the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain space, as measured by time-to-finality while staying low cost and... Read more
  • Receive cashback with Binance Pay on is strengthening its connections with the biggest names in the crypto space! We are teaming up with the one and only Binance to bring shoppers the opportunity to earn up to 5 BUSD on every order on began... Read more
  • On May 26th Cyprus Blockchain Technologies organized the first Annual B.R.E.W
    On May 26th Cyprus Blockchain Technologies organized the first Annual B.R.E.W — Blockchain Rounds Exhibitions and Workshops event! was delighted to attend and speak at the B.R.E.W Blockchain Expo alongside some fantastic companies and speakers both in and outside of the crypto... Read more
  • integrates Stacks is thrilled to begin its collaboration with Stacks! $STX holders will now be able to use their favorite token as a form of payment on the world’s largest ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and Home Depot. $STX... Read more
  • is presenting at Blockchain Fest, Limassol Cyprus
    The team has come together at Blockchain Fest in Limassol Cyprus. With representatives from every department as well as the presence of its EVP (Meirav Shacked), came to present its revamped ecosystem as well as building long term... Read more
  • Token Migration: $SPI & $GSPI to $SHOP guide
    In order to grow, we have to also be ready to adapt; here at, we strive to have a token that will represent the success of the platform as well as being a vital piece of our ecosystem.Introducing’s... Read more
  • Whitepaper Released
    Today marks the most significant milestone that has ever reached as we will be introducing our new revamped ecosystem and future goals! started as the bridge between cryptocurrencies and eCommerce by allowing customers to purchase real-life goods from major marketplaces.... Read more
  • — universal utility for every project — universal utility for every is the secret connection behind a common universal utility that any project can onboard; the utility of being able to spend your crypto at mainstream retailers online such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart with ease.We make it... Read more
  • Bi-Weekly News from
    $APE Token Integrationbody[data-twttr-rendered="true"] {background-color: transparent;}.twitter-tweet {margin: auto !important;} — @shopping_iofunction notifyResize(height) {height = height ? height : document.documentElement.offsetHeight; var resized = false; if (window.donkey && donkey.resize) {donkey.resize(height);resized = true;}if (parent && parent._resizeIframe) {var obj = {iframe: window.frameElement, height: height}; parent._resizeIframe(obj); resized =... Read more
  • Operation Coinmaker 8: Meet the nominees
    Operation Coinmaker contest is back for another round of voting with some exciting new projects going head-to-head over a spot for their token on the platform.Coinmaker was created with the vision to engage various crypto projects’ communities while streamlining... Read more
  • Will Now Let Users Shop The World’s Largest Retailers With $Ape. Find Out More:
    $Ape holders can now spend their hard-earned coins at some of the world’s largest retailers thanks to, an e-commerce website that allows users to shop and pay for goods with crypto, announced that it would now allow users to... Read more
  • integrates Numbers Protocol!
    Every new token integration is cause for celebration here at, enabling us to bridge the gap between crypto and eCommerce by allowing holders to spend their crypto effortlessly on global eCommerce websites.As such we’re extremely happy to have Numbers... Read more