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Unstoppable Domains and Their Contribution To Web 3.0

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Unstoppable domains are a fascinating and innovative new option gaining traction in the cryptocurrency community. While you may be enticed to dismiss them as just another “crypto fad” that will fade away quickly, you may not want to be so quick to judge.

Whether you are getting started with crypto or you already have your own cryptocurrency wallet, unstoppable domains provide some interesting benefits for your website that you should take advantage of.

Anyone with a website or plans to get one soon would be wise to invest in an unstoppable domain name so that they are prepared in the event this new technology becomes widely adopted. So read this article to gain more insight into the subject before making any final decisions.

Overview: Unstoppable Domains

To manage registration and other processes, “unstoppable domains” make use of blockchain technology. Unlike conventional websites, which rely on DNS servers, unstoppable domains use a blockchain-based resolution called the CNS (Crypto Name Service).

First introduced in 2018, Unstoppable Domains have quickly gained traction in the cryptocurrency community. Originally, the most typical reason someone would opt for an unstoppable domain was to be able to receive or send various types of cryptocurrency using a human-friendly address rather than the standard string of numbers and letters. However, these domains are increasingly being used to host standard websites and online apps.

Unstoppable domains have significant advantages that may help push them into the mainstream, especially in Web 3.0. But, some significant drawbacks must be addressed before this technology can be widely adopted.

Definition: What is Web 3.0?

Due to advancements in areas such as machine learning (ML), Big Data, decentralized ledger technology (DLT), etc., websites and apps in the next generation of the internet, known as Web 3.0, will have the cognitive abilities of human beings when it comes to processing information. Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web, envisioned Web 3.0 (originally dubbed the Semantic Web) as a more decentralized, intelligent, and open network.

The meaning of Web 3.0 can extends as follows: information or data will be interconnected using a decentralized manner, which would be a notable advancement over our current generation of the internet (Web 2.0), in which data is mostly held in centralized repositories.

Moreso, users and machines will also be able to interact with data. However, for this to happen, programs must understand information conceptually as well as contextually. Considering this, the semantic web and artificial intelligence (AI) are the two pillars of Web 3.0.

Why Does It Matter?

The importance of Web 3.0 stems, in part, from the fact that it empowers users to manage the digital assets they develop.

The YouTubers, Spotify musicians, and Medium authors who generate original content are the backbone of today’s digital media outlets.

These platforms have gotten incredibly rich from this content, but the creators haven’t gotten their fair share of the profits. Since they can’t do anything else to reach their target audiences, they have to rely on the platforms, but they don’t get paid fairly for the value they generate.

Unstoppable Domains Main Contributions To Web 3.0

  • Resistant to Cyber Attacks – Unstoppable domains use blockchain technology, which is known for its extreme security and resistance to brute force attacks. It secures all data of Web 3.0 from brute attacks.
  • Full Support for dApps – Web 3.0, with an unstoppable domain, supports decentralized apps natively, which means they can be implemented and used without the need for extensions.
  • Acts Like A Crypto Wallet – If you’re running (or planning to run) a business that accepts cryptocurrency, your Unstoppable Domain will also function as a crypto wallet through which you can accept payments. Over 280 different types of cryptocurrency are supported as of July 2022.
  • Full Ownership – Your Unstoppable domain will be documented on a public blockchain, giving you full ownership even as it stands in contrast to your web 2.0 alternatives, which can be removed at any time by the legal jurisdiction. In other words, you won’t have to worry about censorship.
  • Web Customization – Once you have acquired full ownership of the domain, you are free to make any changes you see fit. Design, topic, and material are all up for grabs. Another option is to sell it to someone else for a profit, which is much more difficult to do with a conventional domain.
  • Simplify Log-in Processes – To reduce the complexity of the Web3 sign-in process, logging in with the Unstoppable domain proposes to use NFT domains as a universal identifier in place of the hex address found in each token wallet.

Is Unstoppable Domain Safe For Web 3.0?

Unstoppable domains are extremely safe, possibly even safer than their traditional counterparts. When you claim a domain, it is registered on the blockchain under your address. This means that unless someone hacks the blockchain, no one can hack your domain (which is virtually impossible).

Furthermore, not even one third party has the authority to remove or censor your domain, so it is never at risk of being taken down due to censorship.

To avoid scams, buy your domain directly from Unstoppable Domains or from the Unstoppable Domains official page on sites like Opensea.

Unstoppable Domains To A More Decentralized Web

The next generation of domain names will be decentralized and user-centric, and Unstoppable Domains is the bridge between the traditional web and blockchains like Ethereum and Zilliqa.

Unstoppable Domains play a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for a more decentralized online experience in which users control their data and value – owned and managed by the user.


How much Unstoppable Domain costs?

The cost of an unstoppable domain is determined by several factors, including the length of the domain, the demand for similar domain names, the top-level domain you use, and others. A standard domain costs between $5 and $20 in Ethereum or Solana.

Is it for Crypto users only?

Currently, the vast majority of these domains are used for crypto-related purposes. Furthermore, you must use cryptocurrency to purchase them, so the answer is yes. Unstoppable domains are also being used by a small but growing number of websites and services unrelated to cryptocurrency.

Final Thoughts

Unstoppable Domains leverages blockchain technology to give people full control over domain ownership for the first time since the internet’s inception.

Despite being a relatively new concept for Wed 3.0, ownership and value of crypto domains are increasing. As more people become interested in crypto domains, registrars such as Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and Unstoppable Domains remain at the vanguard of Web 3.0 domain development, making it easier for people to own and trade cryptocurrency.

The platform, however, is still somewhat misunderstood by the general public. Because many people believe it is only for cryptocurrency-related projects, mainstream adoption has slowed. So, should you invest in an Unstoppable Domain?

As cryptocurrency and crypto domains persist in impacting society, the worth of crypto domains will likely rise as more domains are acquired. Though it is unimaginable to predict the future of cryptocurrency, the emergence of crypto domains and the ways blockchain technology can influence how we use the internet cannot be overlooked.

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